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61.46N Views· 2012-04-06 Ngày xuất bản· 168 Lượt thích· 14 Bình luận

"Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me"~. John 14:6 Zakaria Botros (Arabic: زكريا بطرس‎, born on 24 October 1934) is a Coptic priest from Egypt, he worked as a priest in Australia in 1992,he has a Bachelors of Arts in History, best known his critiques of the Quran and other books of Islam. Father Botros has received applause from places such as World Magazine awarded him the Daniel of the Year for 2008.[1] He has been named "Islam's public enemy No. 1" by Arabic newspaper "al insan al jadeed"[2][3][4] Al-Qaeda has put a $60 million bounty on his head.[2][5] Tv Shows He became widely known in 2003 after he appeared on many talk shows on the "Hayah" Evangelical Channel and eventually having his own show,his criticism of islam led to many debates about him on talk shows.[6] [edit]Canceling His Show On July 2010 Joyce Meyer Evangelical ministry _which was a partner for "Hyah" Channel_ informed BBC Arabic that it is stopping Zakaria Botros's show and a quote from the letter: "Our ministry's representative in the middle east informed us that the "hyah" Channel decided to stop broadcasting Zakaria Botros's talk show,and this is the last month of it's broadcast" when asked for the reason they did not reply.[7] [edit]Al Fady Channel Zakaria opened his own channel on April 2011 And he called it "Alfady" which is broadcasting in North America[8] and the middle east since November 2011. [edit]Vienna presentation Botros was supposed to hold a presentation in Vienna on May 6, 2010,and it would have bean his first big appearance in Europe, but the event was cancelled due to "numerous threats of violence."[2][5][9] Wiener Akademikerbund published an apology in press:[9] Dear Friends! Last week, with the greatest joy and in expectation of a courageous confrontation of the problems surrounding Islam, the promises of multiculturalism and diversity as well as the erosion of our value system, we invited you to a lecture/presentation with the Coptic scholar. Islam researcher and charismatic Christian missionary, Father Zakaria Botros. After meticulous preparation and with Father Zakaria anticipating his first public appearance in Europe, it is with a heavy heart that we must cancel the event, which was scheduled for Thursday, May 6, 2010 at 7:00 PM. For reasons of numerous Islamic threats of violence and intolerable pressure upon our oriental Christian friends, insistence upon holding the event would be not only risky, but absolutely irresponsible. We are saddened to discover that — in an allegedly free country such as Austria, and despite precautions taken by the authorities in a serious and professional manner — it is no longer possible to pursue critical clarity and tell the truth. Father Zakaria is surely the highest-ranking and most profound critic of Islam. He does not merely reveal the theological and philosophical errors of Islam. For years, he has generously and successfully spread the spiritual offer of the joyous message of Jesus Christ among his beloved Muslim brethren. We were aware that rejection of the false path of the "interreligious equality mania" is presently not considered "politically correct." However, we hoped that an honest debate about truth in all possible forms of expression would be possible without violence, even in a time of relativistic destruction in the Republic of Austria. Despite the disappointment, Father Zakaria's heart is in Austria. His and our efforts toward a lasting order which rest upon the bases of peace, brotherly love, rule of law and prosperity must not die. We regret any inconvenience this cancellation may cause you, and apologize for it. Sincerely, Vienna Akademikerbund [edit]Response From Muslims [edit]Debates A lot of Muslims found his criticism offensive. and led to anger among many Muslims in the Middle East. His criticism led many Muslim scholars and writers to respond to his claims,and the most well known ones that responded to him include "Abo Islam Ahmad Abdullah", and Doctor "Ibrahim Awad" ,and Doctor "Abdullah Badr" Others suggest to ignore him.[10] Abo Islam Ahmad Abdullah said that he invited the Coptic priest to a debate with a moderator on a TV show inside Egypt but he refused due to safety reasons, Muslim scholar made a promise in media that they will stay with him during the whole trip guarding his safety.[11][12][13] [

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