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Video được xem nhiều nhất từ City of Culver City Kênh Youtube
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City Releases Dashcam Video Video Presents Opportunity for Community Conversation CULVER CITY, CA - The City of Culver City is today releasing video from the dashcams of two marked Culver City Police vehicles relating to an encounter between Terry Walton and Culver City police officers on February 7, 2017. Mr. Walton was the subject of a traffic stop for vehicle code violations. Per City policies, the City does not automatically release police dashcam or bodycam video. On this occasion, with the support of the City Council and the conclusion of Mr. Walton’s criminal trial, the City made the decision to release the video due to a recent public records request made after Mr. Walton sued the City. Here are some important points that provide context for the events depicted in the video: Officers had asked Mr. Walton to exit his vehicle for further investigation because he had admitted being on probation for prior drug charges. One of the officers suspected that Mr. Walton was under the influence of narcotics at the time of the encounter. Mr. Walton did not exit his vehicle as requested, and since he had not been searched for weapons, the officers became suspicious of his behavior and concerned for their safety. For officer safety, the officers opted to handcuff Mr. Walton. They were motivated to do so given his demeanor, a concern that he may be under the influence of narcotics, and his probationary status. Mr. Walton did not cooperate during the encounter, and refused to allow the officers to handcuff him. The officers used force in an attempt to overcome resistance from Mr. Walton (who is 7 foot, 350 lbs), and in self-defense. The force included pain compliance procedures, as well as the carotid restraint control hold - which are authorized by Culver City Police Department policy. Peace officers in California are trained on the use of the carotid hold – which is distinguished from a bar-arm choke hold. The maneuver offers peace officers a method for controlling subjects who are resisting arrest. Immediately following the incident, Mr. Walton was transported to the local hospital for medical clearance prior to his booking. There is no body camera footage available for this encounter as Culver City had not yet implemented body cameras at the time. They were implemented as of October 2017 and are now implemented on all officers on patrol. This arrest and the video footage is a chance to have a community discussion about policing related to use of force and best practices. Culver City police officers are trained using best practices and commonly implemented standards, but we also know that excellent policing requires constant improvement and continued community engagement. The footage contains two separate dashcam videos to provide the totality of the available footage. At one point the encounter shifts off dashcam 1 to dashcam 2, so the footage on dashcam 2 overlaps with dashcam 1. Timestamps provide an indication of the time period covered and consistency in footage.

Video mới nhất từ City of Culver City Kênh Youtube
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