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HUDA KATTAN Makeup Artist & Blogger @huda Founder of @wishfulskin Join our #BrownObsessions waitlist👇🏾
48TR 868 1,098
Tỷ lệ tương tác0.15%
Lượt xem dự tính360.05N
Số điểm Nox
Loving Hudabeauty & Kayali💄✨
Loving Hudabeauty & Kayali💄✨ Makeup inspiration 💖
4.07N 315 820
Tỷ lệ tương tác1.43%
Lượt xem dự tính291
Số điểm Nox
Will probably be the best eyeliner ever!! Can’t wait to get it!🙈🌹❤️
“Dropping the Purrrfect additions to your makeup obsessions! 👁👁👁 #HudaBeautyLifeLiner launching Sept 12 on @hudabeautyshop & the Hoodie Lash launching soon after! Mark your calendars! @huda @hudabeauty @hudabeautyshop
Have you ever seen a Goddess before?!!😍🌹✨❤️❤️
"Who's excited for our #HudaBeautyLifeLiner and to experience a liner like NOOOO other! Also, don't forget the Hoodie Lash launches as well, literally could wear them every day for the rest of my life!! Launching Sep12! Spam me with 👁👁👁 if you're ready! 
@huda @hudabeautyshop photography by @elirezkallah @plastikstudios hair piece by @theblondsny obsessed with this campaign ⭐️⭐️⭐️ @plastik @elirezkallah" @huda @hudabeauty @hudabeautyshop
She’s Flawless!!😍🥰🌹❤️
“Hello beautiful people! 💖Hope everyone is having an AMAZING weekend!!!
Wearing the HOODIE LASH, my FAV lash of all time!! My team and I worked on this with so much love to give you that ULTIMATE SEXY EYES 👀 Wearing them just makes me feel so confident and empowered! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 Don’t bat your lashes, these babies are dropping soon!” @huda @hudabeauty @hudabeautyshop
GRESHY hey hinni. lil’ gay boy barely surviving business: ***
87.03N 461 127
Tỷ lệ tương tác6.17%
Lượt xem dự tính26.85N
Số điểm Nox
woke up with £6 in my account, makeup still on my face and my head down the toilet all day.how was ur night xxx
@asos shirt, bottoms, glasses
slowly learning dreams don’t work hard, you do.⁣
storm ethan is most definitely on its way.
any donations for spare clothes would be much appreciated.
Bethany Dani
Bethany Dani God 1st Actress|Beauty Influencer|Model🌹 Forex Educator 📈 @iconswim Brand Ambassador Plant Based🌱 B.S. in Psychology🧠
46.04N 473 281
Tỷ lệ tương tác4.75%
Lượt xem dự tính10.93N
Số điểm Nox
It’s ya girls first time in New York and I’m lovin’ this city!!! Meet me at the Concrete Jungle Hair Battle today I’ll be representing BEAM TEAM in the competition @beambarber_nbeauty !! | contacts: @vceebeauty in the color @mixed green” code: itsBethanyDani for $$ off fam 💈💚 #beamteam #beamgirls
So I tried mango avocado sushi for the first time last night and it was lifeee changing 🥭🥑🥺🤤 thank you @kurlykyy  for putting me on!! 😘 #vegansushi #veganfood dress: @vimvixen
Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. #itllallmakesense @iconswim
Shahnaz Shimul
Shahnaz Shimul UK qualified makeup artist/ Youtuber For pr/promotion/review [email protected] Shahnaz Shimul: 920k Shahnaz Shimul Vlogs: 360k New Video⬇
132.79N 209 1,055
Tỷ lệ tương tác5.94%
Lượt xem dự tính39.44N
Số điểm Nox
NAWEL🤷🏼‍♀️ 👻 naweliam 📩 [email protected] 📍 Paris 🎥 Youtube
58.66N 88 85
Tỷ lệ tương tác22.88%
Lượt xem dự tính52.79N
Số điểm Nox
Arda Bektaş
Arda Bektaş 🌸 Beauty Vlogger 💜 Müberya Sağlam Makeup Studio Etiler 💌 İş birlikleri & PR: *** YOUTUBE SON VİDEO LİNKİ:
96.02N 985 481
Tỷ lệ tương tác7.36%
Lượt xem dự tính35.33N
Số điểm Nox
Sunshine ☀️
Pratik Sonbahar Makyajı 🍂
Okula Dönüş Makyajı 💖
Thamires Rangel
Thamires Rangel • Criadora de conteúdo . 📩*** Cx postal: 93674-CEP:25900970 Magé-RJ 👇
147.95N 1.83N 1,046
Tỷ lệ tương tác7.27%
Lượt xem dự tính53.78N
Số điểm Nox
É a última foto,prometo !🙈💚 kkkk
Seria a Barbie ? 🤔kkk 
óculos: @quayaustralia ✨ #QUAYXDASI
Hot Girl Summer... 🎶 😎🔥💥🔫🧨
edith Mexicana PR | Business inquiries [email protected] @solbeautyandcare discount ‘edith’
259.69N 164 454
Tỷ lệ tương tác5.41%
Lượt xem dự tính70.24N
Số điểm Nox
PRINCESS is my real name.
PRINCESS is my real name. Creator of #TPLtv @tplunfiltered Beauty Influencer by day. Filmmaker by night. #ComplexionQueen round the clock. #ThePrincessLifestyle
75.14N 530 223
Tỷ lệ tương tác2%
Lượt xem dự tính7.51N
Số điểm Nox
We are LIVE BABES! Click the link in my bio for the next video in my #FlawlessFaceSeries 🙌🏾 I am teaching one of my favorite #NoMakeupMakeup routines!! It’s all about applying product ONLY where you need it and finishing with a FLAWLESS BLEND!!! Subscribe & Like! Comment “Here for it!” when done! ♥️ ・・・
SC: princessezeofor
#ThePrincessLifestyle #ComplexionQueen #TPLtv #melaninmakeupdaily #blackgirlmakeup #hudabeauty #fentybeauty #wakeupandmakeup #farsalicare
Throbbing headache...but make it fashion 🧖🏾‍♀️ Cold weather hasn’t stopped me from baking 🎂I tend to bake my ENTIRE face. I start with my under eyes and jawline, then work my way around to the perimeter of my face. Hbu? *All makeup details will be in the next post and on today’s YouTube video! 🙌🏾 Link in bio to subscribe! ♥️ | 📸 @jovannareyesphotography ・・・
SC: princessezeofor
#ThePrincessLifestyle #ComplexionQueen #TPLtv #melaninmakeupdaily #blackgirlmakeup #hudabeauty #fentybeauty #wakeupandmakeup #farsalicare #NARSissist #mercieme #thecure
PJs are all that fits me right now 🤓 Wearing one of my favorite red lip combos @hudabeauty Promotion Day to line my lips with El Cinco de Mayo in the center 💋 | 📸 @jovannareyesphotography ・・・
SC: princessezeofor
#ThePrincessLifestyle #ComplexionQueen #TPLtv #melaninmakeupdaily #blackgirlmakeup #hudabeautyshop #wakeupandmakeup #farsalicare ・・・
SC: princessezeofor
#ThePrincessLifestyle #ComplexionQueen #TPLtv #melaninmakeupdaily #hudabeautypowerbullet #hudabeautyshop #wakeupandmakeup #farsalicare
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