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♡ Madeline ♡
♡ Madeline ♡ YouTubers 🎥 ♡ Young Parents to Penelope Autumn ♡ OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL ~
18.41N 416 20
Tỷ lệ tương tác37.24%
Lượt xem dự tính16.57N
Số điểm Nox
c e d d o
c e d d o 📸 Youtube: ceddotalk 📩 [email protected] TROPISCH🏝👇🏼
136.15N 360 297
Tỷ lệ tương tác10.06%
Lượt xem dự tính136.15N
Số điểm Nox
#blackouttuesday ✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Denkt ihr der war drin? 🏀😅
Spontanes 10 minuten Foto-Shooting in der Sonne ☀️😍
KEIN Professioneller Fotograf, KEINE Bearbeitung, KEINE dicke Kamera .. das Bild entstand nur mit dem neuen Xiaomi Mi 10! 📱 (Swipe nach rechts) Ich wollte unbedingt mal die Funktionen vom Mi 10 testen und ich glaube ich habe noch nie so schnell und unkompliziert so ein freshes Foto hin bekommen!😳
Ich gehe heute um 16 Uhr Live hier auf Insta & dann zeige ich euch auch gerne alles etwas genauer!😏
Wecker auf 16 Uhr & wir sehen uns später im Stream! ⏰ 
#Mi10 #LightsCameraAction #Xiaomi #Anzeige
Sarah Lemkus
Sarah Lemkus Homemaking & homeschooling Abiding in Jesus || New Zealand @bokahskin ❊ @lemkuspresets
87.39N 639 1,154
Tỷ lệ tương tác5.49%
Lượt xem dự tính23.98N
Số điểm Nox
VBFA Church
VBFA Church Changing Hearts and Building Lives. @pointstumin @nextlevelya @vbfakidsklub
371 109 316
Tỷ lệ tương tác6.09%
Lượt xem dự tính338
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What an awesome weekend we had with Pastor Mark Corell! He brought the word to us each service! You can go back and watch any of these services on our YouTube page! We’re looking forward to what God is gonna do!
Who’s ready to hear more from Pastor Mark Correll? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️
He will be speaking for us at 10am service and our 6pm service, so come out an join us!
Join us tomorrow morning to hear Pastor Mark Corell speak more on Revelation!
Genevieve Howland
Genevieve Howland 🥰Founder of #mamanatural community 🤱🏻Best-selling author & teacher 💕Wife and mom of 3 on earth (👼👼👼) 📱Connect ⬇️
54.75N 223 718
Tỷ lệ tương tác5.13%
Lượt xem dự tính42.13N
Số điểm Nox
THIS❣️ Thank you @theleakyboob for giving voice to the complicated breastfeeding relationship. .
I’ve had indescribable euphoria while nursing, to days when I wonder if I can make it one more feeding, and everything in-between. 😂😭😊🤔😍 All of these feelings are valid and part of my experience with Faith. Not sure how long we’ll end up nursing but, for today, I am incredibly grateful for the experience.
How are my nursing mamas doing today? 💓💓💓
Ever think you're “too old” to have a baby? 🙋🏻‍♀️
In The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy & Childbirth, I used this image to discuss “geriatric pregnancies” and mentioned that my maternal grandmother had babies at 40 and 42.
But little did I know that I'd go on to have a baby at 43! .
Was it easy? No. 😅
We’re there “failures” Yes. 😭
Did I believe it would happen? Y/N 😬
Was it worth it? YES! 🙌🏽
If you feel called to try for another baby, trust that still small voice and go for it 🥰🌈🙏🏽
#ageisjustanumber #toolegittoquit #rainbowbaby #godisfaithful #allthebabies #mamanatural #mamanaturalbook
🙋🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ #truthbomb #mamaforever #iknowimdonewithbabymaking #butstill #constantlycleaningtheendlessmess
Jason Poston
Jason Poston 🙏🏼Faith>Fear 💍To The Boss 🍼@postontwins 🇺🇸 16yrs trainer T1 Diabetic IFBB 4xOlympia @LIVbody Poston20 ⬇️ Headbands/Socks
1TR 910 5,083
Tỷ lệ tương tác0.63%
Lượt xem dự tính95.16N
Số điểm Nox
One day I’ll explain to Cruz why I held him like this... #HappyEaster from the Poston Family.
Happy Easter everyone! ✝️🙏🏼Sometimes us adults can learn from the kids and make the best of every situation. 
#happyeaster #heisRisen #jesusismyhomeboy
Brotein Shake- High Calorie
lauren goodwin
lauren goodwin love never fails.
1.19N 723 269
Tỷ lệ tương tác13.3%
Lượt xem dự tính1.19N
Số điểm Nox
Hi Instagram, meet Callie 🥰 I adopted this sweet girl almost three weeks ago and we’ve had quite an adventure. She is a smooth collie/lab mix and is about to turn 6 months in a few days. She has more energy than I can comprehend and clumsily runs into walls when she gets too excited. She is my not so little land shark who loves absolutely everyone she meets. ♥️🐾 I know that I had posted not too long ago about bringing home another puppy, but unfortunately things didn’t end up working out there. Very thankful that I was able to rescue this sweet girl!! #puppylove
In my feelings more than Drake, so YEAH. Full cover over on my YouTube channel (link in bio) 👏🏻 #IForgotThatYouExisted #TaylorSwift #AcousticCover
Around this time last year, my small group was starting to read through Welcome To Adulting by @jpokluda together which is an amazing book all about navigating your faith and friendships and LIFE as a young adult through God’s Word. And now JP has just released #WTASurvivalGuide!! This is a 42 day challenge, where every day includes scripture, stories, challenges and prayer and tackles topics on relationships, career goals and overcoming ANXIETY (hello, big ball of anxiety here 👋🏻). Can’t wait to dive in and read this over the next six weeks.
Vineyard Church
Vineyard Church @entranceva @vineyardnetwork Know God Find Freedom Discover Purpose Make a Difference
799 97 610
Tỷ lệ tương tác4.04%
Lượt xem dự tính484
Số điểm Nox
Realize your unique contribution and discover your purpose.
What an awesome weekend at church! Come out next week for Part 3 of our ‘At the Movies’ series!
You were made for more than what’s in your past.
Raymond Austin born, Dallas bred, Cameroonian fed. Christian. Independent minded. Creative pragmatist. Jack of all trades. Entertainment Lawyer. Lover.
926 1.11N 412
Tỷ lệ tương tác13.76%
Lượt xem dự tính926
Số điểm Nox
Happy 30th birthday, my love!! 🎉🎂💃🏾 You are the most amazing person I know. You are kind, thoughtful, intelligent, beautiful, funny, magnetic, tough, vulnerable and beautiful! As you enter into your 31st year, I know all of those traits will continue to grow. I know that this next decade will be your best yet, and I'm honored I get to share it with you. I'm looking forward to another decade of laughs, tears, hugs, side eyes, cheers and most of all, love. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ You are my best everything and I'm honored to know you!

Happy birthday, bebeh!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Might be fake. Might not 🤷🏾‍♂️
Brought in 30 last night with my best friend and forever love. I couldn't be more thankful for the queen God blessed me with. I'm so glad I get to celebrate each year with you!

My 20s were fun and full of mistakes. Hoping my 30s are more fun with more wisdom. Thank you to God for giving me the past 30 years! 🙏🏾🙏🏾 Thank you to family and friends for celebrating me and for always being there! 🎉🙌🏾🎂 #HappyBirthdayToMe
Joyce Meyer
Joyce Meyer Joyce Meyer Ministries & Hand of Hope Sharing Christ | Loving People
3.16TR 51 1,673
Tỷ lệ tương tác0.94%
Lượt xem dự tính445.86N
Số điểm Nox
Our life will not get any better until we choose to make this one decision. Watch Joyce share what that decision is, and choose to make this your own today.
#JoyceTeaching #ChristianLiving #BibleTeaching #GoodWord
Today, David Meyer, CEO of Hand of Hope, wanted to shed a positive light on the current situation with COVID-19.
Many of Joyce’s teachings have been translated into over 100 languages which air on televisions and social media channels all over the world. With so many people required to stay home right now, we are seeing more and more people encouraged by these teachings daily. This means that we are potentially reaching more people than we did before!
We know the current state of our world is scary, but let’s choose to be thankful today for all the lives that are being changed through God’s Word in the midst of all this uncertainty. Never forget that your partnership makes this all possible…thank you!
#HandOfHope #GiveHope #ShareChristLovePeople
Today, we celebrate that He has risen! Jesus came for you. He loves you and came to give you new life. And because He did, you can live in His resurrection power and strength every day! •
Do you know Jesus as your Savior? You can find your new life in Christ at joycemeyer.org/KnowJesus [link in profile].
#EasterSunday #HeIsRisen #CelebrateChrist #KnowJesus #HappyEaster
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