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HAWKEYE Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Things You Missed, Hidden Details & Comic Story Explained
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HAWKEYE Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Things You Missed, Hidden Details & Comic Story Explained. We breakdown and explain the new Disney Plus Hawkeye Trailer which will release on November 24th. The show stars Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld

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0:00 Hawkeye Trailer Breakdown Intro
0:38 The Hawkeye story so far
1:16 Yelena Belova
1:46 Story Details
3:41 Hawkeye Comic Explained
6:19 Easter Eggs
8:37 Reaction And Review

Now we open in the midst of Christmas with Clint and his family having a chinese meal and celebrating being back together. His daugther Lila of course opened the start of Avengers Endgame and it's nice to see her back together. I think it's great how she says this is the first christmas they've had together in years as they were of course snapped away for 5 whereas he wasn't.

Even though the trailer hasn't been out long a lot of people ahve been asking why his wife isn't there and I'm unsure if they split up or not after she learned about what had happened in the five years. I hope not but it is a possibility and that would add even more weight to them not having Christmas together. In the comic book run Hawkeye actually gets served divorce papers however during the trailer he does answer the phone and say hey babe so I'm guessing things are still pretty good though this mission might cause some issues.

Cut to what I believe is broadway and we see a steve rogers musical some of which appears later on in the first look.

Now there are several characters here from the Avengers, including the chitari, hawkeye and black widow, thor, loki, bruce banner, steve and what I believe is the hulk. Really nice bit of meta commentary about the commercialisation of super heroes and how they're pretty much in every aspect of entertainment now.

This is a nice little call back to the first avenger as Steve of course started off by touring the country doing propaganda tours in order for people to buy war bonds which is also what the comic character was used for in the real world.

He clearly takes them to the show and at his hotel room catches Kate Bishop masquerading as the Ronin, which is of course his old identity.

Hawkeye sends his family off in order to go and look for her and it's clear that the past has caught up to him.

Cut to the marvel studios logo and we see that a flowing target has been superimposed over the top of it creating a ripple effect. This is of course hawkeyes symbol but if we're reacing it could also be the ripple effect that was caused by his actions during the snap.

Yes it's a reach.

Now for the next part of the video I wanna talk about the comics and the brief outline of what happens in them so that you can see how the trailer lines up with that series.

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