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GeM Training at Nagpur on 18th December 2022 | GeM Portal Training Program | GeM Offline Training
Rohit Semwal
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Hello Everyone!

You can Enroll your seat through this link-

Topics We Cover In Our Training-

★ Introduction to GeM.
★ Registration on GeM.
★ Quadrants on GeM.
★ Catalogue Management on GeM (both Product and Service Catalogue).
★ Tendering process on GeM.
★ Standard Bid.
★ Service Bid.
★ Product Bunch Bid.
★ Service Bunch Bid.
★ Reverse Auction.
★ Forward Auction.
★ Custom Bid.
★ BOQ Bid.
★ Tender Results on GeM.
★ Direct purchase on GeM.
★ Product Comparison on GeM upto 5 Lakhs (Order Value)
★ Order Management.
★ Invoice Generation.
★ Payment Process on GeM.
★ Incident Management.
★ All Topics related to Seller Account
★ Customized Tips to Grow your Business on GeM.
★ Post Training Technical Support on GeM.

What you get?
# Full Day Intense GeM Training

# Practical Knowledge

# GeM Recorded Videos

# Bidding Tools

# Buffet Lunch

Venue- Nagpur
Date- 18th December 2022
Timings- 10 AM to 5 PM

Don't hesitate to write your queries at [email protected]


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