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Stunning Apartment! Under $400.00 usd Turn Key -in Mexico
Retire in Mexico
Retire in Mexico 19.1N theo dõi 587 Videos 2.21TR lượt xem 2019-05-04 Được phátDữ liệu cập nhật ngày 2021-10-21
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Long term rental unit / not vacational apartment. Stunning apartment conveniently located in Bahias de Huatulco, Oaxaca! 2 Bedrooms, TV room, Open concept living /dining room, Kitchen counter, new refrigerator, hot water, sunny wash room, so so pretty, turn key! price posted 11/11/2019. Under $400usd and is $7000 mx pesos a month. Internet, water, propane, trash pick up, sewer all included. Only pay your own electricity. AND Now has air conditions in bedrooms. #retireinmexico #travelinginmexico #mexico Please email us [email protected]

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Disclaimer - We are attempting to help others find retirement in Mexico but we are not responsible for any mistake you make during the process. We do our best to prepare you but you must do some investigating yourself and please watch all of our videos as it does help in the process when you watch them all LOL

We do not give professional advise” . We creat videos about our experience only. Please read and educate yourself at the library or other venues, as well.

Always recheck all information and research on your own. Each case is individual. Legalities and procedure do change. Interpretations are different.
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