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PREMIERE: Ruben Karapetyan - Cry of Dubuk (Ziger Remix) [Eat My Hat Music]
Progressive Dreamers
Progressive Dreamers 524N theo dõi 1424 Videos 191.12TR lượt xem 2021-10-14 Được phátDữ liệu cập nhật ngày 2021-12-03
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RELEASE DATE 2021-10-22
LABEL Eat My Hat Music

Ruben Karapetyan


info :
The latest release from Ziger's Eat My Hat imprint welcomes Ruben Karapetyan to the label for his debut single. Born in Armenia and now based in California, Ruben has a long history in electronic music. Best known for his DJ Darky alias, the Hollywood resident shared the stage with famous artists like Sasha and Digweed, Sven Vath and Orbital as part of lineups at legendary events such as Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) , Together as One (biggest NY party in America), AgeHa in Tokyo Japan, VNVNC Concert Hall in St. Petersburg and Pravda in Moscow, Russia. Operating under a variety of production monikers, Ruben has remixed The Cure's 'Forest', while his original productions were routinely championed by the underground's top tastemakers. Following a ten-year hiatus, Ruben made a triumphant return to electronic music last year with a series of the releases via Tash's Movement Recordings. Backed by remixes from Emi Galvin, Matan Caspi and Stan Kolev, Ruben earned praise and support from the underground's top tastemakers while enjoying an extended stay in Beatport's Progressive House charts. Now in a year has seen further projects for Movement and Lowbit Records, Ruben adds Eat My Hat to his resume with 'Deeper Thoughts/Cry Of Duduk', alongside a remix from label boss Ziger.
The release begins with the peak time vibes of 'Deeper Thoughts'. Smooth and driving throughout, it carries a sleek yet powerful quality from the outset. Gaining momentum across the first act, the piece moves through layers of detailed percussion, alien-like effects and shifting harmonics, as cross-cultural motifs push the narrative into the main break. The emotional mood expands across the centrepiece with transcendent themes playing off gaseous atmospheres, before a gentle shift sets the course for an exhilarating finale. The companion piece 'Cry Of Duduk' follows a similar sonic ethos and resonates on an equally impressive level. Remarkably powerful, its muscular groove commands attention, moving through rolling contours and rhythmic pulses, while ethnic fragments and lively percussion add character and bounce to the framework. Sweeping effects initiate the main break, eventually melting down to a reservoir of shape shifting electronics and emotive chord changes, perfectly elevating mood and setting the stage for a mystical final act.
Rounding out the release and providing the lone interpretation of 'Cry Of Duduk' is Ziger. The Greek artist and Eat My Hat boss has continued to impress across 2021 with key collaborations with Mind Conspiracy and Nosh and SJ, while also remixing Gabriel Filip and Goda Brother and Ric Niels in fine style. Now getting the fall season underway in impressive fashion, Ziger delivers a powerful rendition of 'Cry Of Duduk'. Electrically charged with tough beats and a tighter take on the groove, it's pulsating energy beams brightly from the outset. Combining dynamic rhythms with striking chord stabs and commanding percussion makes for an exhilarating first act. As momentum builds, the cross-cultural vocal blankets the framework for a spiritual sound collage, before giving way to a menacing break which spearheads a thunderous finale. A massive remix from Ziger which should be delighting dancefloors all through the fall season. It not only caps the release off on a high note but makes Ruben's Eat My Hat debut a resounding success. Highly recommended.

Progressive Dreamers
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