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Coming Home - Full Horror Movie In English
V Horror Movies
V Horror Movies 335N theo dõi 201 Videos 57.76TR lượt xem 2021-09-16 Được phátDữ liệu cập nhật ngày 2021-10-23
Tổng số lượt xem220.7N
Thích tỷ lệ 90.6%
Số lần bình luận180
Tỷ lệ lượt xem 65.9%
Ứớc tính giá trị video 100.41TR - 116.48TR
Tỷ lệ tương tác 1.8%
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Giới thiệu
Katie, the prettiest girl in town, returns home after a 20-year absence when her grandmother dies. Staying in the house she grew up in, Katie is forced to face a past she’s tried hard to forget. When Katie was 13, she lost both parents in a car accident for which she feels responsible, a boy she liked was found murdered, and another boy vanished altogether. Ready to put the past behind her and reconnect with her childhood friends, she plans a reunion. Everyone is thrilled to have Katie back, and they settle down in Katie’s old house for a candlelit night of drinking and sharing memories. But one of Katie’s old friends doesn’t want the past unearthed, and will do anything to keep it buried—even if it means stacking up fresh bodies. Katie and her friends are trapped, terrified, and left wondering, who will die next?
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