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Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo 11.3TR theo dõi 787 Videos 3.78TỶ lượt xem 2021-05-08 Được phátDữ liệu cập nhật ngày 2021-08-10
Tổng số lượt xem4.52TR
Thích tỷ lệ 96.5%
Số lần bình luận30.63N
Tỷ lệ lượt xem 40%
Ứớc tính giá trị video 2.05TỶ - 2.38TỶ
Tỷ lệ tương tác 8.97%
Thẻ gắn
rebecca zamolo arrested wedding day recreating matt and rebecca wedding day video anniversary worst wrong best sml 123 go preston brianna jelly mrbeast sssniperwolf faze rug ssundee battle royale final battle ending defeat defeated finale lazarbeam in real life trying viral 24 hour snow camping challenge aphmau cheat hide n seek cameras sneak fun funny comedy mystery dream vs friends rz twin flash mob daniel maddie
Giới thiệu
Rebecca Zamolo never expected this at her wedding after uploading “I got injured doing acrobat dare!” Next Matt and Rebecca created “Police arrest Rebecca after stolen car reveal!” Finally the Game Master Network made “Last to stop touching evil fountain of truth wins challenge.” Now Rebecca has been arrested on her wedding day. Matt wanted to give his wife Rebecca the best day of her life. They must recreate their wedding day. This will include a first look and a flash mob. However everything is going wrong. It might turn out to be the worst day ever. Matt had Daniel find her favorite cake but it melted. Finally the photos turned out horrible. Do you think Matt can make this the best day ever or will Rebecca be trapped back in prison for another 24 hours? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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