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Playground Grand Finale Performance | Mawali Qawali | @CarryMinati,@Triggered Insaan, @MortaL,@sc0ut
PLAYGROUND 1.85TR theo dõi 171 Videos 144.3TR lượt xem 2022-06-21 Được phátDữ liệu cập nhật ngày 2022-11-02
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KFC Playground is the world’s first gaming entertainment championship.

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Our Teams
AAA Werewolves by Triggered Insaan
Contestant 1: Sakshi Keswani
Contestant 2: Udit Rajput
Contestant 3: Jay Khatri
Contestant 4: Vanshaj Singh

Dare Dragons by CarryMinati
Contestant 1: Harsh Rane
Contestant 2: Foram Botadra
Contestant 3: Ayan Ali
Contestant 4: Digvijay Gavhane

Power Phoenixes by Mortal
Contestant 1: Siddhi Mahajankatti
Contestant 2: Tanya Palta
Contestant 3: Varnikaa Singh
Contestant 4: Sakshi Sood

OP Unicorns by Scout
Contestant 1: Adit Minocha
Contestant 2: Yogesh Sharma
Contestant 3: Vasu Kainth
Contestant 4: Anjali Roy

More About Playground
Playground is the world’s first gaming entertainment championship featuring four of the biggest Gaming entertainers of India leading their team of 4 players each to compete against each other over a period of 28 days to determine the winning team & one Individual champion. Pick your side & support them through the championship.

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