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New Adventures
New Adventures 7.82N theo dõi 316 Videos 2.91TR lượt xem 2021-05-13 Được phátDữ liệu cập nhật ngày 2021-09-18
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Join Paul Smethurst in episode 3 as he is joined by Arts & Culture broadcasting legend and New Adventures trustee Brenda Emmanus OBE.

Brenda talks about her dance and acting aspirations at a young age, how she ended up in journalism and carving a career in broadcasting. She recalls her first encounter of Matthew Bourne's work and remembers the eclectic soundtrack to the dancing taking place in her home growing up, lovingly branding her family as "wannabe Fred Astaires". Discover the works of dance that have been the most impactful for Brenda during her long career as an arts correspondent and arts lover, and find out what song gets her up and dancing every time - even when 6 months pregnant!

Intro & Outro music Terry Davies - 'Glenda's LP' (for Play Without Words)
Carol Deene - Sad Movies
Cameo - Candy

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