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Brian Barrett's possible MANDELA EFFECT : The possible spelling change of my city I reside.
Brian Barrett
Brian Barrett 23 theo dõi 66 Videos 4.41N lượt xem 2020-01-16 Được phátDữ liệu cập nhật ngày --
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Mandela Effect
Giới thiệu
There MAY be a possible MANDELA EFFECT detected apon my own city I live I resided all of my life. I noticed a few of even my own facebook friends is spelling my city Methuen, as " Metheun" located in Massachusetts north of Boston. Watch and do a conscience test. Do you see " Methuen " when I officially say it's a conscience test of my hometown? Also there is a reality sight test on Oreo's Double Stuf. Others may still see " Stuff " . For Sherwin-Williams paints, so some see my image off the right bottom side in some eyes of others in sight other then me as " Sherman-Williams" ? If so please comment. If you see thesaid image of Chuck E. Cheese's logo as just Chuck E. Cheese without the added " 's " please comment. This video is slightly over a half hour long. Please don't forget to subscribe to me Brian Barrett! Thank You! :D