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COIN - Touring with COIN
COIN 98.5N theo dõi 32 Videos 34.66TR lượt xem 2020-11-30 Được phátDữ liệu cập nhật ngày 2022-01-14
Tổng số lượt xem5.97N
Thích tỷ lệ 100%
Số lần bình luận52
Tỷ lệ lượt xem 6.1%
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Ứớc tính giá trị video 2.7TR - 3.13TR
Tỷ lệ tương tác 16.96%
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Giới thiệu
David Od has captured footage of us touring since our first days. He created an intro for our virtual concert that takes us from our first tour in 2015 to finding out our 2020 touring plans were suspended. This year has been strange, but we love you dearly. The show must go on.

Taken from the introduction of the Immersive Virtual Performance that premiered on 11/20/20.

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