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Joe Biden Forces National Mask Mandate, Scolds Unvaccinated | Booze & Banter | Ep 248
Drew Berquist
Drew Berquist 441N theo dõi 875 Videos 15.33TR lượt xem 2021-09-10 Được phátDữ liệu cập nhật ngày 2021-10-23
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Politics Drew Berquist National Security Republican Democrat Liberal Christian President Trump Conservative Podcast Democrats Special Operations Military GOP Intelligence World News News Commentary News and Politics President Biden Joe Biden Kamala Harris News commentary BlazeTV Dan Bongino Steven Crowder Louder With Crowder Biden administration vaccine mandate COVID strategy CDC Department of Labor draconian contractors big government communism events
Giới thiệu
Joe Biden took big government overreach to a new level yesterday with the most tyrannical move by the U.S. government, perhaps ever. His new COVID strategy forces vaccine mandates on almost everyone in the country and is already facing stiff pushback. Plus, it's Booze & Banter Friday so Drew takes your questions.

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