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Ukrainian Drones Destroyed the Russian Tank!
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Ukrainian Drones Destroyed the Russian Tank!

New developments of the day; Ukrainian Drones destroyed the Russian tank.

We are here with the last minute developments of the Russia-Ukraine war; Don't forget to like our video before moving on to our news. Thousands of military vehicles were destroyed in the Ukraine war, which started with the order of Russian Leader Vladimir Putin.

This situation caused both armies to experience a shortage of equipment. The Ukrainian army survived this situation without being affected much, thanks to the equipment aid it received from the west. However, the Russian army was greatly affected by this situation.

Although the Russian army has enough ammunition, it struggles since it cannot easily deliver these equipment to its troops on Ukrainian soil. Russian army which is quite angry about the equipment today received another bad news. According to breaking news today, Ukrainian drones destroyed the Russian tank.

Ukrainian Forces discovered a Russian tank while exploring with drone. Following the moving Russian tank, the Ukrainian drone launched a small attack on the Russian tank. This attack caused the Russian tank to be unusable.

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