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TroubleChute Basics
TroubleChute Basics 15.8N theo dõi 233 Videos 126.09N lượt xem 2016-07-07 Được phátDữ liệu cập nhật ngày --
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Số lần bình luận7.13N
Tỷ lệ lượt xem 100%
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Giới thiệu
➤NOTE - THIS VIDEO IS A JOKE. It is satire. Ever seen ThioJoe? It's the same thing. Laugh.
I can't believe that Valve have not patched this really easy-to-access glitch. It actually surprises me...
I used this method to get a few games and it seems to work every time. There is the odd time once in a while that it doesn't work, but I repeat the steps and it works.
There are no downloads or anything.
Here is the link to the Steam ID Finder:

Outro song: Deep Blue by K-391
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