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My Realistic Revision & EXAM Preparation TOP TIPS! | Rosie McClelland
Rosie McClelland
Rosie McClelland 986N theo dõi 439 Videos 148.85TR lượt xem 2022-05-20 Được phátDữ liệu cập nhật ngày 2022-08-17
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Rosie McClelland is a singer, actress and lifestyle influencer with a combined social media following of over 2 million. Rosie was first discovered at just 5 years old appearing in a viral YouTube video with her cousin Sophia Grace, she went on to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres show over 30 times with her most recent appearance being her come back to the show in May 2022! At such a young age Rosie won a Kids Choice Award along with hosting on red carpets interviewing for The Grammy’s, MTV VMA and American Music Awards and has soared, from the “Nicki Minaj” moment when she met her live on the Ellen DeGeneres Show 2012. More recently the teen has focused on releasing her very own music ‘Handstand’, ’LaLa’, ’Tik Tok’, ‘GIRLS', ‘Throw It Away’, 'Ready For Love' and her newest 7th single “Safe In Your Love”, Rosie’s singles have earned over 20 million+ streams and views online with more in the pipeline! Most recently Rosie has guest appeared in the popular BBC show Nova Jones following on from her guest appearance in Nickelodeon’s hit show Sam & Cat, not forgetting her debut to the film world where she starred in her very own movie produced by Warner Home Entertainment “Sophia Grace & Rosie’s Royal Adventure. Aside from all of this Rosie is a typical teenager in high school, she is currently taking her exams and is very excited about graduating, she loves English and hopes one day to publish more books following on from her “New York Times No.2 Best Seller” Book “Tea Time With Sophia Grace & Rosie!


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