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  • Mayor Bistek
    Mayor Bistek
    • 18 Luợng Fan
    • 8.88Nlượt xem
    • 49383.3%Lượt xem/đăng ký
    • 3%Tần suất tương tác với fan
    • 1Videos

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  • The Montijo Family
    The Montijo Family
    • 27.1N Luợng Fan
    • 3.11TRlượt xem
    • 1918.8%Lượt xem/đăng ký
    • 25%Tần suất tương tác với fan
    • 219Videos

    Hi yah all! Welcome to our Family youtube channel. Joined on October 8, 2015 but we started uploading contents on April 22, 2018. Our youtube channel will features reaction videos, challenge videos, vlogs, video games and many others that matters to family. This is a glimpse in our Family Life as an Interracial Couple and raising mixed children in modern society. Working full time job and the same time as a hands on Father to my children while Mummy works at night shift and week ends and she looks after 7 children too. We work as a TEAM to achieve balance household goals. We are big family of 7 and We are base in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom of Great Britain.

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  • Panlasang Pinoy Meaty Recipes
    Panlasang Pinoy Meaty Recipes
    • 55.2N Luợng Fan
    • 1.71TRlượt xem
    • 2816.0%Lượt xem/đăng ký
    • 5%Tần suất tương tác với fan
    • 37Videos

    Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy Meaty Recipes! In the Philippines, only pork, chicken and beef, are commercially available in almost all areas. As such, meat and poultry dishes generally use one of these ingredients. In the provinces, goat, deer, carabao and some other more exotic meats are also used as alternates. Most Filipino meat dishes are made to complement plain, white rice. The viand must be tasty so that even a small amount is enough to flavor a spoonful of rice. To go a long way, meats are usually highly seasoned and often saucy. Meats that are fried or grilled over charcoal are invariably eaten with an assortment of dipping sauces. I'm hoping you will come to like all the videos I've uploaded and please visit my website too. Thanks! Bible Verse: "A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones." ~ Proverbs 14:30

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  • PM21AM
    • 30.7N Luợng Fan
    • 9.11TRlượt xem
    • 580.6%Lượt xem/đăng ký
    • 12%Tần suất tương tác với fan
    • 359Videos

    AM and PM here welcome to our channel! We met in London back in 2008. We love to eat and travel as well as doing crazy things, while creating memories to last forever. So be ready for delicious food and a lot of adventure! We post video once a week or maybe more. #ukfilipinovlogger #ukpinoyvlog #ukfilipinovlog For business please email: *** If you want to send us anything send it here: PM21AM PO Box 75791 London SE15 9HL Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @PM21AM Mukbang lovers please join our group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MukbangWorld/ Donate with Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/PM21AM

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  • Rick Rock Foodie
    Rick Rock Foodie
    • 1.28N Luợng Fan
    • 36.08Nlượt xem
    • 1204.2%Lượt xem/đăng ký
    • 124%Tần suất tương tác với fan
    • 73Videos

    Hello at Kamusta na po sa inyong lahat. My real name is Enrique Ronquillo Morgan. Born in Olongapo city Philippines on April 28,1976 then came to USA back in 1987 at the age of 11. I’m a full time father and I also have a full time job. I was thinking of a new hobby aside from going to the gym, so I thought of why not just start vlogging and making videos to share my lifestyle with everyone right?!. I love to travel in which I should have started this YouTube journey a while ago to record where I’ve been and the food I’ve eaten. I hope that all of you will enjoy the videos I have posted and will be posting every week. Rick Rock Foodie is here to stay. Stay blessed po kayong lahat!

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  • Teletica Costa Rica
    Teletica Costa Rica
    • 185N Luợng Fan
    • 77.07TRlượt xem
    • 2.8%Lượt xem/đăng ký
    • 3%Tần suất tương tác với fan
    • 7,187Videos

    Canal oficial de Televisora de Costa Rica. www.teletica.com Teletica - Canal 7

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  • redebistek
    • 589 Luợng Fan
    • 503.79Nlượt xem
    • 84562.8%Lượt xem/đăng ký
    • 3%Tần suất tương tác với fan
    • 29Videos

    Muito mais que economia!

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  • joenard cayas
    joenard cayas
    • 1.73N Luợng Fan
    • 689.2Nlượt xem
    • 38505.2%Lượt xem/đăng ký
    • 23%Tần suất tương tác với fan
    • 50Videos

    Started this channel to see if I could grow a full beard using Minoxidil 5% and just updating with progress. Other little random vlogs, and cooking stuff Lets see where this journey takes me.

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  • BiteSized PH
    BiteSized PH
    • 5.39N Luợng Fan
    • 644.7Nlượt xem
    • 132.1%Lượt xem/đăng ký
    • 8%Tần suất tương tác với fan
    • 557Videos

    BiteSized is every type of foodie’s go-to destination for recipes with a creative Filipino twist launched on Facebook in June 2016, and the website since June 2017. BiteSized continues to be a reputable source for satisfying cravings and inspiring kitchen creations through fast, “bite sized” videos. www.bitesized.ph FB & IG: bitesized.ph

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  • Miss Grace
    Miss Grace
    • 2N Luợng Fan
    • 276lượt xem
    • 13.6%Lượt xem/đăng ký
    • 161%Tần suất tương tác với fan
    • 12Videos

    Boymom, Filipino SAHM who loves to Cook.

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