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4.4TR Views· 2020-03-15 Ngày xuất bản· 216.25N Lượt thích· 9.11N Bình luận

Home workouts can be a lifesaver, especially in times when you cannot get to the gym. In this video, I’m going to give you a complete home workout routine with all sets and reps included to help you to build muscle regardless of whether or not you ever step foot in a gym. The key to the effectiveness of this perfect home workout is that it pairs exercises together in a way that allows you to train to greater overload than would be possible if you stuck with one single exercise, and it will keep the workouts brief at the same time. This perfect home workout consists of not one but two complete total body workouts. The first, workout A, is to be performed on Monday and Friday of week 1. Workout B is to be performed on Wednesday. In week 2, this is flipped so that A is performed once on Wednesday and B is performed on both Monday and Friday. You can continue to alternate the workouts in this way if you decide to do this for longer. This workout for home is going to allow you to hit your total body in under one hour. With this being the goal, the idea is not to try and hit each muscle with too many individual exercises since this could lead to an excessively long workout and potential for doing too much in the given workout. Instead, we select the exercises based on movement patterns that we know we want to hit to accomplish our goal of building muscle everywhere. These patterns are broken down below and the exercises included in each are shown. Keep in mind, there are two complete versions of each workout to be sure that the beginners and more advanced trainees can follow this program and get results from it. Here is how to construct the perfect home total body workout A: 1. SQUAT / ANTERIOR (1 MINUTE PER EXERCISE / REST-PAUSE IF NEEDED) Alt. Single Leg Box Squats (use low box if advanced / higher box for beginners) 1 1/2 Bottomed Out Squats (to failure) Jump Squats 2. UPPER PUSH (1 MINUTE PER EXERCISE / REST-PAUSE IF NEEDED) Handstand Pushups OR Power Pushaways Rotational Pushups OR Knee Rotational Pushups Cobra Pushups (long head contracted) OR Knee Cobra Pushups 3. HINGE / POSTERIOR (1 MINUTE PER EXERCISE / REST-PAUSE IF NEEDED) Alt. Single Leg Heel Touch Squats (use “kickstand” if needed) Alt. Sprinter Lunges Plyo Sprinter Lunges (jump from higher position if more beginner) 4. UPPER PULL (1 MINUTE PER EXERCISE / REST-PAUSE IF NEEDED) Pullups OR Seated Pullups Human Pullovers OR BW Sliding Pulldowns Inverted Chin Curls 5. ABS (1 MINUTE PER EXERCISE / REST-PAUSE IF NEEDED) Reverse Corkscrews Black Widow Knee Slides Levitation Crunches 6. CORRECTIVE (1 MINUTE PER EXERCISE / REST-PAUSE IF NEEDED) Angels and Devils COMPLETE 1-2 MORE ROUNDS (TOTAL WORKOUT TIME: 35-50 MINUTES) Here is how to construct the perfect home workout B: HINGE / POSTERIOR x 3 ROUNDS Slick Floor Bridge Curl (Single Leg) OR Slick Floor Bridge Curl (Dual Leg) Long Leg March High Hip Bucks LUNGE / ANTERIOR x 3 ROUNDS Alt. Crossover Step Ups Alt. Reverse Lunges Split Squat Jumps UPPER PUSH x 3 ROUNDS Variable Wall Pushups OR Knee Decline Pushups to Knee Flat Pushups Alt. BW Side Lateral Raises (from knees for beginners) Tricep BW Extensions (long head stretch) UPPER PULL x 3 ROUNDS Chin Ups OR Seated Chin Ups Inverted Rows Back Widows ABS x 2 ROUNDS Ab Halos V-Up Tucks Sit-Up Elbow Thrusts CORRECTIVE x 2 ROUNDS Reverse Hypers COMPLETE 1-2 MORE ROUNDS (TOTAL WORKOUT TIME: 35-50 MINUTES) If you are doing this workout just to try it out, then I would suggest you choose the workout A variation. That said, if you opt to do a more comprehensive total body split workout routine then you will want to either incorporate workouts A and B into a twice a week plan or, even better, alternating A and B on M, W and F each week. For a complete 6 week home workout plan, be sure to head to athleanx.com via the link below to get the athlean xero program. No equipment at all is required. Build muscle at home in just 6 short weeks. For more home workout videos and the best exercises to build muscle at home, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube via the link below and don’t forget to turn on your notifications so you never miss a new video when it’s published. Build Muscle in 90 Days - http://athleanx.com/x/my-workouts Subscribe to this channel here - http://youtube.com/user/jdcav24

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