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Ruslana Gee
Ruslana Gee Based in LA Management: Lori @ Select.co Inquiries: ***
957.69N 299 1,193
Tỷ lệ tương tác8.08%
Lượt xem dự tính957.69N
Số điểm Nox
🌿 @gooseberryintimates
Behind the scenes 🎬  follow me @ruslanagee on @trillervids for more #triller
Когда я была маленькой девочкой, я всегда мечтала иметь что-то свое. Многие вещи вокруг меня были не надежными и не стабильными, порой у меня даже случались панический атаки, потому что я не имела никакого контроля над своей жизнью.
С тех пор, как я начала вести свой блог, моя жизнь кардинально поменялась. Это то самое «мое» дело, которое дарит мне стабильность и спокойствие, потому что я знаю что именно мои действия влияют на то что будет со мной или моим блогом.
Это действительно лучшее, что я для себя делала, и поэтому я создала свой курс «Эстетика на Миллион». Я уверена, что моих уникальных знаний и опыта в индустрии хватит, чтобы помочь и другим людям добиться таких же результатов.  Заработать миллионную аудиторию и сотрудничать с мировыми брендами — это все реально возможно сделать, особенно с советами человека, который сам прошел такой путь. ⠀
Считайте этот курс вложением в ваше будущее, если вы искренне хотите стать лидером мнений✨ Ссылка на курс в шапке профиля. До 10 июня (день запуска) действует большая скидка 🤍
Marley 💨I smoke a lot of fuckin weed 📍VEGAS 📷Snap @marleyrobinson ➡️Follow my back up @marleyyrobinson 🎶CASHAPP single out on all platforms NOTHIN 4 SALE 21+
227.12N 404 1,198
Tỷ lệ tương tác3.72%
Lượt xem dự tính126.73N
Số điểm Nox
What’s better than a joint? 5😍😍😍 @rawkandroll @rawlife247
Sparking my way into the weekend like... 🔥💨
Mmmmm nuggz so good you need a taste 😍 @kokonuggz also sold at @thedrop_lv in Las Vegas go check em out
Julie Nolke
Julie Nolke Actor. Writer. Comedian. Actor: @workinmoms @theboystv @theshadowsfx Host: @tastemade @tripadvisor Bookings: [email protected]
71.12N 407 414
Tỷ lệ tương tác15.93%
Lượt xem dự tính71.12N
Số điểm Nox
Throwback to the days when I had a clean shower drain.
A Canadian emerges from hibernation... photo taken from a safe distance by @ginalouisep
DAVID BROMSTAD Artist 👨🏻‍🎨 Designer 🚀 Host of HGTVs My Lottery Dream Home💎💰🏡 Crazy about color 🌈and happy vibes🦄
152.57N 850 2,219
Tỷ lệ tương tác11.28%
Lượt xem dự tính152.57N
Số điểm Nox
Feeling my quarantine fantasy in my new PJs. Hang in there cuties. Be safe, be smart and always be fabulous. ❤️
Happy Easter my delicious sweet little peeps! 🐣 🐰 🐇
It’s Easter! 🐣 I decided to not do an “Easter Tree” but an Easter set up. I took an old wooden ladder and added some pieces of wood to increase the size the display area. Wrapped it in Easter garland, hung some lights and a giant cluster of carrots, placed as many bunnies🐰as I could possibly find, loaded it up with as Easter eggs and replaced a carpet with some faux grass. Oh I made a crap load of flowers to hang all over my apt to really put it over the top. I absolutely love it. It’s brings me such happy Easter vibes. The cuteness factor is very real. Happy Easter 🐇 my darlings! Hope this brings a smile to your sweet faces. 🐣 🐰 🐇
Heather (noun): pronounced head-ah-dee-tee | #ATL | Your vibe attracts your tribe, yo 🛴🌌
32.8N 123 371
Tỷ lệ tương tác4.65%
Lượt xem dự tính22.88N
Số điểm Nox
1 Million!!!!! Remember when you’d stay up until 3 or 4 am editing videos and then get up at 7 to go to work? Dang, how’d we survive that time? I’m glad that chapter is over 😂 Remember the long convos we had trying to decide if you’d leave that job and pour your everything into YouTube? That was scary yet exciting. There are a MILLION reasons & a MILLION memories to celebrate! This has been one hell of a fun journey! If someone had told me when we were kids that someday I’d be sharing you with a million people, I would’ve been so confused. But it makes sense to me now. Your dedication to what you love is inspiring and I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished. Everyone who follows you gets to see what you decide to share, which is a lot, but what they don’t see is the blood, sweat, and tears. I’m grateful to have this front row seat to watch you shine, and humbled to be a part of it with you! Congrats on One Million baby!!!!!!!
Look who we found!!!! 👮🌴🇺🇸 @c2wpics @yummir6 #family
Somehow it’s already Thursday so here’s a #tbt to 3 years ago when the R6 was still in the garage. I miss that bike but not that passenger seat 🍑🚫😅
Kristal Silva
Kristal Silva 🇲🇽 M E X I C A N A 🇲🇽 📸🎤Modelo y Presentadora de Tv Azteca 👸🏻Miss Universe Mexico 2016 📩 [email protected]
896.37N 1.96N 1,610
Tỷ lệ tương tác4.72%
Lượt xem dự tính634.63N
Số điểm Nox
💗 “Ninguna vida está completa sin un toque de locura”: Paulo Coelho💗
🌹 #MiFraseParaTi “Si el futuro no te emociona, estás en el presente equivocado”... Que bendición iniciar la semana con actitud positiva, bonito Lunes. 👊🏻😉❤️
A L A S T A I R   P R I M E
A L A S T A I R P R I M E Established @estmodels 🇬🇧 📍London, UK.
13.6N 885 187
Tỷ lệ tương tác9.87%
Lượt xem dự tính13.6N
Số điểm Nox
Just waiting for my armbands 🧜🏼‍♂️
same same but different ✌🏻
#gym #workout #weekendvibes #abs #shameless
Ready to dive into the weekend 🏊🏼‍♂️
#TGIF #FridayFeeling #CharlieByMZ
Daniel Lissing
Daniel Lissing Actor, filmmaker, musician, traveler.
237.26N 255 660
Tỷ lệ tương tác9.76%
Lượt xem dự tính237.26N
Số điểm Nox
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my one and only!! @jegdiva I love you with all my heart ❤️💥
From the top of LA... 📸: @jegdiva x
Moon-rise. Sunset. 🌕☀️
Katarina Zivkovic
Katarina Zivkovic 🎶 singer 🎶 Management- Goran Lecic +38166404050
236.62N 655 1,612
Tỷ lệ tương tác1.01%
Lượt xem dự tính35.85N
Số điểm Nox
Beauty starts in your head,not in your mirror..
//SUBOTA// ULCINJ // @night_club_galera_ulcinj 
#katarinazivkovic #live ❤❤❤
//Petak //KAFANA NA VODI// Beograd ❤
Vidimo se uskoro !!! 💋🥰🎤
#katarinazivkovic #live @navodikafana_official 
Premier Badminton League
Premier Badminton League Official Instagram of Premier Badminton League. #PBL5 #RiseOfTheRacquet
75.36N 110 3,679
Tỷ lệ tương tác0.41%
Lượt xem dự tính4.63N
Số điểm Nox
Remember the name!🤜🤛
Displaying some fierce performances in the #PBLSeason5, @rajawatpriyanshu is a stalwart you should look forward to. 🤩
Swipe ➡ to know the #LifeInPie of our PBL superstars.
@sikkireddy slayed in #PBLSeason5 and how! 😎

Here's a look at her performance through numbers, this season. 👆

#RiseOfTheRacquet | @hyderabadhunters
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