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Nikkole Ledda Mama to Lyle, Ellie, & Bodhi. Married to my best friend. You might remember me from 16 & Pregnant 🖤
142.57N 271 582
Tỷ lệ tương tác22.3%
Lượt xem dự tính128.31N
Số điểm Nox
Happiest Vlogs On Earth Scott, Jen & Giavanna 🏰Sharing Disney happiness
20.75N 207 1,249
Tỷ lệ tương tác9.34%
Lượt xem dự tính9.69N
Số điểm Nox
New York Endometriosis Center Dr.Kanayama, Endo-Adeno expert, Mayo Clinic grad, laparoscopic haptic (tactile) excision specialist ☎️212-421-1016, “All ye are weary & heavy laden”.
52.96N 4.65N 330
Tỷ lệ tương tác4.53%
Lượt xem dự tính11.99N
Số điểm Nox
Vanessa Show Up & Be You! Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle Collaborator with the @selflovebreakroom 📍Orange County, California ⁣ 💌***
720 367 424
Tỷ lệ tương tác21.65%
Lượt xem dự tính648
Số điểm Nox
*Trigger Post*

Gabby is my 4th conceived child yet my first born. If you’re new to my page; Hi, my name is Vanessa and I’ve had miscarriages before. Dealing with any type of lost, whether it’s a miscarriage, still born, or child loss can be the most isolating experience a family can deal with. Especially for us mothers. I remember what helped me through those difficult times was finding women who can say, “me too”! I’m partnering with the @selflovebreakroom for October’s #InfantLossAwarenessMonth to create a safe space (VIRTUAL) for women to just be. There’s limited space to allow us women the opportunity to share. October 27th from 11 am to 1 pm EST. $15 We will also be giving away a copy of The Mourning Sister: A Journey of Grief and Joy by the amazing @loveoffering. I will be sharing the space with Nicole founder of the Self Love Break Room. Any questions please feel free to reach out to myself or the SLBR. #Miscarriage #IAm1in4 #InfantLossAwareness #IveHadAMiscarriage
Growing up my two beautiful aunts always encouraged me to be different, have fun with fashion, embrace my big curly hair and love life. There’s been a lot of self reflecting recently and I miss that 10 year old Vanessa who was fearless, ambitious, caring and full of love. The beautiful thing in life is that there’s always room for new beginnings (I loved when you said that @alex_elle). Evolve, grow and be authentically you. The world needs us. #HappySunday #SelfReflections #WhyIsMyNeckYellowTheWorldMayNeverKnow
Gabby was loving her @pressedjuicery! @simply @fashionisland #simply #fashionisland #ocfashionweek
Jeremy Vine On 5 Join @thejeremyvine and @stormhuntley for topical debates with celebrity panellists on @channel5_tv every weekday at 9.15am. #jeremyvine
33.88N 586 1,471
Tỷ lệ tương tác22.23%
Lượt xem dự tính30.49N
Số điểm Nox
Ashley 🌟certified Montessori 0-3 guide (NAMC) 🌱certified positive discipline parent educator 💕kylie [4 years] & mia [2 years] 📸 youtube Montessori mama
50.39N 360 424
Tỷ lệ tương tác4.55%
Lượt xem dự tính11.46N
Số điểm Nox
Karen Family of four, praying for more. We share our travels and our everyday lives. DM or Email for collabs! Check out @graystonecottage
2.53N 2.1N 836
Tỷ lệ tương tác3.51%
Lượt xem dự tính445
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We had a wild day yesterday on the Road to Hana. Eleven hours, 178 miles, countless waterfalls, two beaches, a few hikes, brick oven pizza for lunch, 10+ foot waves, breath-taking views, nerve-wracking cliff driving, lots of laughs and memories forever! 
#roadtohana #Maui #mauihawaii #Hawaii #thoseviewsthough #waterfall #hanawifalls
What a day!!! We went sailing to Molokini Crater, then we snorkeled all around the crater. It was a pretty calm day so the captain of the boat said we could go to the edge of the crater underwater. It is five feet deep, then drops off to 300 feet. It was phenomenal!! We have snorkeled at many places in the Caribbean and nothing we’ve seen before compared to this. A monk seal decided to play with the first mate as he was attaching the hook to the clip in the ground. It was the coolest thing! 
When we got back to the mainland, we went to Maalaea Beach and the waves were huge! Such a fun way to cool off. We played in the waves for a couple hours. Safe to say we are loving Maui! 
See my story for a bunch of random pictures and videos from today. They jump around a lot but I didn’t have time to make them more cohesive. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #maui #hawaii #molokini #maalaea #beach #hawaiilife #vacation
Day one in Maui has been amazing! We woke up to see our beautiful view from our balcony. Our beach is awesome. We saw many rainbows! ♥️ We drove the north side of the island and found some beaches, awesome views and a blow hole. We hiked and swam and ate good food. Just a great day! 🌺 
#mauihawaii #mauibeach #hawaiilife #hawaiistagram
T A M M I E A R C H - YouTube #mum to Samuel 👦🏼 Jackson 😇 & 🤰 #wife to Matt💗 #youtubevlogger 📷 official instagram for TAMMIEARCH @youtube channel join our YouTube family here 👇
2.19N 326 1,086
Tỷ lệ tương tác13.43%
Lượt xem dự tính1.47N
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Ramona☀️ BoyMom ✌🏽💙💚 @Thelivelylens
47.64N 534 458
Tỷ lệ tương tác0.35%
Lượt xem dự tính834
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Shawn Johnson East Wife. Mom. Olympian. NYT Bestselling Author. #family #parenting @andrewdeast @drewhazeleast @theeastdog [email protected]
3.3TR 3.26N 3,224
Tỷ lệ tương tác5.34%
Lượt xem dự tính882.85N
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