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Becki & Chris 1 photographer + 1 radiologist. Married & creating a life less ordinary. Visuals | Travel | Home | Flying |📍Buffalo, NY. Latest video:
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CBC Newfoundland & Labrador Your friendly neighbourhood public broadcaster. Submit to audience gallery via ***
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Whoa! Amazing wave action at Cape Race this morning. And a rainbow! Thanks to Clifford Doran for sending our way. #cbcnl #waves #explorenl
Eugene Howell captured this beauty of a sunrise at Northern Bay Sands. What’s your favourite #newfoundlandlabrador beach? #cbcnl #explorenl #sunrise
It's the tail end of the year, and that means one thing: a new Merb'ys calendar is coming. The folks at @nlbmc — the N.L. Beard and Moustache Club — launched their new calendar on the weekend. The 2020 calendar will raise money for three groups: the SPCA, Planned Parenthood and the Home Again Furniture Bank. 
Read our story.. look for the link in our bio. 
#merbys #explorenl #mermen
Matty Haist 🇨🇦 I like stuff... First responder... Livin' life with adventures
509 1.22N 884
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So this happened while we were out on the zodiacs...😬 #shark #exploretorngats #thetorngats #newfoundlandandlabrador #parkscanada #nunatsiavut #getoutside #explorenl #torngatmountainsnationalpark #cangeo
The Aurora Borealis never disappoints up here😍.... #thetorngats #lightshow #northernlights #auroraborealis #aurora #torngatmountainsnationalpark #parkscanada  #explorenl #getoutside #exploretorngats #nunatsiavut #gopro #newfoundlandandlabrador
Sometimes I get lucky😃 ..thanks Nanuk for the pose! #polarbear #torngatmountainsnationalpark #nunatsiavut #explorenl #newfoundlandandlabrador #thetorngats #parkscanada #cangeo #natgeo #exploretorngats #livelovecanada #getoutside #canadagram #canada🇨🇦
Newfoundland Labrador Tourism There are endless opportunities to capture everything from our natural wonders to music and culture. Tag #ExploreNL and #IcebergsNL to share.
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Chelsi Madonna YouTuber NL, Canada #yyt ✨Latest Video:
6.06N 868 127
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I love having a bright balayage for summer!! ☀️🌷 It looks so fresh and fun! It also means I focus on products that are hydrating, and lately my absolute favourite line has been the Pantene Rose Water Sulfate Free Collection. The sulfate free formula is perfect for coloured hair and leaves it feeling soft! Not to mention, it smells SO GOOD! Seriously, you'll want to smell your hair all day!🌹 #ad #SulfateFree #rosewater @pantene
I feel so inspired to capture the natural beauty all around me whenever I have the EOS M100 in my hand. Because of its portable size, it goes where I go so I will never miss an opportunity to capture something truly special!🌷✨ Enter @canoncanada’s giveaway using the link in my bio and start creating! Enter the giveaway through the link in my bio! Open to Canadian residents. #EOSM100 #sponsored
Good morning sunshine ☀️
What are your plans for today? Mine is to get out of bed (where I am currently writing this caption 🙈), grab a book and a cup of tea before I head out for the day! 
Photo: @taniaheathphotography .
#morningroutine #positivevibes #bookstagram #teatime #stjohnsnl #downtownstjohns #instastyles #parisfashion #parisianstyle #torontoblogger #canada #theinvisiblefemme #femmetribe #saturdaymotivation #weekendmood
Alex Kao Indianapolis // Filmmaker // Photographer ———————————————
65.27N 879 433
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Some Indy street activity with the almighty Helios 44m 58mm f2. Got this lens for $45.00 USD on eBay and it blows my mind how great it looks!
One of me and @delaneyhyde ‘s favorite shooting spots in Knoxville Tennessee! Sort of reminds of London!
Some behind the scenes action from my last post. Shot with the Canon Rebel t5i. I had a lot of fun shooting this one. I really enjoyed the simplicity of 24 fps and some basic locked-on tripod shots. .
One of the best ways to make locked tripod shots look more dynamic is to get as close as you possibly can to the subject matter. I typically like to start my shot as close as possible; if I find that the shot is too close and it’s missing important information about the scene or the environment, I then back up. .
Shot on Canon Rebel t5i + canon 50mm f1.8 + sigma 10-20mm f3.5 + rode video micro
Brian Lackey Exploring the Wild Places Currently photographing all 44 Colorado Wilderness Areas on medium format b&w film @leftoverlackey
4.14N 237 21
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Tom Archer 📷 Curious soul + creative mind. Want to see more? Check out my blog -
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I’d love to hear your guys thoughts on something. Even though I only post landscape work on here, I’m a commercial photographer and I shoot all sorts. Do you want to occasionally see some of my other work? Or should I only stick to the travel shots? This shoot was a couple of months back for my local fire service. They are all retained (which mean they are volunteers and do this in their own time!). What an incredible thing to do, they regularly put their lives at risk to help others in their own time. I wanted to show their courage in these images and I went for a cinematic look, I’m pleased with how they came out but as always, there’s a bunch of things I wish I had done to improve them! Scroll to the end for some BTS. Shot for @nevestudios  #fireservice #fireman #firebrigade
I’ve seen blue glacial waters in quite a few places around the world. But New Zealand definitely has more than it’s fair share. It may look inviting, but it’s actually ice cold, great for a refreshing dip though.  Locations -
1 - The Blue Pools
2 - Lake Pukaki
3 - Twizel
#newzealand #glacialriver #bluepools #lakepukaki
If only all family portraits were this interesting to photograph! These guys followed us around all evening whilst we waited for that epic light to come out and im so glad we did. #faroeislands #sheep
Adventure Dorks Bikes, beers, babes.🚵🍻👶 👨‍👩‍👦 Cee, Gee, August 📺 YouTube.com/adventuredorks 🚵 #mtb #nomads #adventuredorks
968 1.3N 1,773
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Another ride together 😁🚵
It kept threatening rain 🌦️but held off. Humidity was high, though. Great ride!
Check our routes on @trailforks
under adventuredorks. #pippypark #singletrack #rockgarden #hellrun #therake 
#couplesmtb #mtbmom #mtbnl #mtb #mtblife
Greg took this beautiful shot while riding the Oceanside trail in White Hills.
#mtbnl #mtb #oceanside #explorenl #singletrack #yyt
Sharing the stoke with my bestie @alisonr55 🤘
Newfoundland trails are so techy which aren't the best for introducing someone to singletrack, but it's what we got. 😁 Moab and Arizona are my favourite spots for beginner rides.
#adventuredorks #bestiebikers 
#sharethestoke #mtbmom #mtbwomen #shredlikeagirl #sheshreds #mtblife #mtb #shredhappy #havefuneveryday #getoutside
Leaving the Frame Kinofilm & Buch kommen im Herbst 🎬📖 Wo sollen wir zur Kinotour hinkommen?
15.01N 612 107
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