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bae Check out @lonely @she @paparazzi
223.95N 10 1,123
Tỷ lệ tương tác4.93%
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Imagine coming home to this 👀💋
• tag your valentine in the comment section👇🏼
omg my heart 💕😭😭
• tag someone who would love this surprise 👇🏼
I swear this is my dad 😂💕
• Follow @bae for more
jungnam bae
jungnam bae 🌺🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🌺
560.25N 2.57N 1,992
Tỷ lệ tương tác3.66%
Lượt xem dự tính102.52N
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kristy bae
kristy bae hiii <3 [email protected]
43.99N 596 15
Tỷ lệ tương tác41.58%
Lượt xem dự tính39.59N
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BOSS BAE 📱 www.Jasx-Aigner.com 🎥 Content Creator + Entrepreneur Helping Women Grow Profitable 💰 Online Businesses In The Beauty Industry⁣
8.58N 797 51
Tỷ lệ tương tác4.05%
Lượt xem dự tính5.21N
Số điểm Nox
My first time in New York was everything I dreamed it to be. ✨ Thank you @envsnfest for putting on an incredible festival this past weekend and bringing so many beautiful souls together. ⁣
I learned, I laughed, I even cried after running into some Boss Baes that are subscribed to my YouTube channel. ( check them out in the video! ) 🌟 Until next year ENVSN! ❤️
Ratchet & Respected 💚💰⁣
Custom Dress: @imjasminesamone ⁣
Soaking up this skyline. 🗽
bae Matthew 15:28 STAY GOLDEN. songstress.eastside forever. Atlanta’s best kept secret. (Bae-Juh) Mgmt:***
415.23N 793 120
Tỷ lệ tương tác2.72%
Lượt xem dự tính169.41N
Số điểm Nox
yeaaaa, I don’t even take myself serious tryna do this walk away video 😂😂😂 unit&color: @oohzaoohza 
hair: @zariasluxuriouslengths
happy 21st birthday to my little sister. It’s kinda hard not to get sentimental because you are literally my other half. You’re so intelligent and determined to do whatever it is you put your mind to. You always make me feel like the one even when I feel like a two, lol. You’re legit my a&r😂 a song don’t come out without Lourdes hearing it first and telling me she likes it, lol. I wouldn’t want anybody else to be my little sister. I’ve been obsessed with you since day 1 and it’ll never stop! Sometimes I wish I was in school with you so you could come get me out of class just to talk to me like you used too, lmaoo. This year is gonna be so amazing for you and I thank God everyday for it. I love you beyond the moon and the stars. My love for you is infinite. Happy birthday sister @andimlourdes we just getting started with the turnup, I love you boo 😝💖👑
babygirl 💫
outfit: @prettylittlething
Bai (bae)✨
Bai (bae)✨ Love Child 🌻 Target extraordinaire 🎯 💕 Ran by mommy @ndulcee For collab inquiries please DM or email!
151.19N 100 464
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More hair, More problems 😂💕
Happy Birthday to my Daddy!! I love you 💕
Sweets & Bae
Sweets & Bae An inspired couple vlogging beautiful moments on planet earth. 💌 DM for collaborations 🎥 To be part of the journey, subscribe to our YouTube channel
791 2.69N 88
Tỷ lệ tương tác10.11%
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Joe Bae
Joe Bae ✨✨ My life, my passions, my family, my love! 🔥keep it positive🔥 Also follow @joebaesalon for great work from all the amazing stylists! ✨✨
2.34N 1.73N 1,234
Tỷ lệ tương tác4.94%
Lượt xem dự tính1.73N
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What a rough day... thoughts and prayers go out to the 9 involved in today’s tragic loss. 🙏 We all know what @kobebryant did for the game of basketball, but how he got there is what made me a fan. His work ethic, determination, and grit is something that I will forever model my mindset after. Thank you for setting an example as a hard worker and a father that loved his family. 💔Rest In Peace. #mambaforever
What an honor to be voted Best Salon in Bellevue for @bellevuelifestyle! Thank you to all who helped us achieve this award! Could not have done it without an army of people by our side!! #supportyourlocalbae
Friends and fam! This is a great time to stock up on holiday gifts! Support your Local Bae by coming in and enjoying this promotion!
ⓒ그림비(Bae Sungtae)
ⓒ그림비(Bae Sungtae) 저와 아내, 고양이 세 마리의 일상을 그려요. our daily lives 👫🐈🐈🐈
518.49N 474 815
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#BAE Baebae to @p_cal_ 💍 Life's short, eat the cake 🍰
34 92 3
Tỷ lệ tương tác41.18%
Lượt xem dự tính34
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Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. ... #stevejobsquote #potd #love #fashion #losangeles #dream #girl #bae #life #outfitinspiration #motivation
There’s a story behind every person. There’s a reason why they’re the way they are. Think about that before you judge someone.



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