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About Us

Company Profile

NoxInfluencer is one of the outstanding products of NOX.NOX is committed to developing itself into the world's leading smart entertainment distribution network, and achieving the internationalization and global distribution of mobile applications through a billion-class data base, deep learning and data mining ability.

Our Products

NoxInfluencer is the first intelligent YouTube influencer marketing platform in domestic. Based on over 9 million influencers and smart matching algorithm, we improve performance and efficiency in every step of your influencer campaign. Advertisers will find more precise and cost-effective solutions for building brand awareness, which aims to acquire new users and monetize in the global market.

Contact Us

Nox (HongKong) Limited

Tel: 00852-21527388/ 21527399

E-mail: player_market@bignox.com

Nhóm NoxInfluence

Bất cứ có thắc mắc hoặc ý kiến gì, bạn đều có thể liên lạc Noxinfluencer tại đây. Chúng tôi sẽ sớm phản hồi cho bạn.

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